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New Ventures: You’ve got a great idea! Well, at least you think it is and you are wondering “what do I do next?”

“…it’s all about survival at the end of the day and coming back after the knocks.” James Averdieck, Founder, Gü

The Business Plan

Enter these keywords into any search engine and you’ll soon find thousands of textbooks, websites and software programmes promising the ‘ideal business plan’ or the ‘perfect business plan’ in seconds!

However the simple truth is that the amount of time spent here is worth every moment you are trying to build a business that will support you and your family in to the future, why would you try and rush this stage?

We do not promise you instant results, or a ‘business plan in seconds’. What we will do with you is provide structure and support, challenge and ideas, friendly advice and a mental ‘punch-bag’ for you to work with in the development of the best possible start for the next step in the rest of your life.

Let us help you before everything goes horribly wrong and try to make sure that your business grows and does not become one of the 26% new businesses that fail to survive to celebrate their second birthday.

Give Diane or Daniel a call now to see if you think that we can help you. We would love to spend an hour or two with you to see if together we can build a successful start to your new business idea.

Where Fools Rush In...

The immediate rush of adrenaline has you building a website, making the product and charging off into the unknown, soon wondering why the cash is not flowing in (unless you are incredibly lucky).

At AUTUS we provide impartial advice and guidance, ideas development, leadership mentoring and practical training and development.

Most critically at this stage, we also offer business planning and financial advice from experts with credentials that are second only to our successes.

  • Being a SME, we had been burnt in the past with consultants charging high fees for little results.  After meeting Dan through the GrowthAccelerator programme our faith was quickly restored that there are actually professionals out there that can help push your business forward.  Working with Dan has been a breath of fresh air, my business partner and I are now extremely focused and moving our business forward in the direction we want it to go.Felicity Griffiths, Director, , CHB Global Limited
  • We hired Daniel as a consultant to our business, to provide additional senior management expertise. He has provided excellent assistance in the areas of strategy, global account management, administrative processes, and structure. He continues in that role with our Company.Ross Kennedy, CEO, QHi-Group Ltd, Harpenden.
  •   “...he is pro-active in his approach and communicates well with suppliers, colleagues and clients. He is always keen to understand the requirement and looks to consider other solutions that may provide better performance or are more economic. He is a pleasure to work and I would recommend him to others.”Robert Thorogood, , Chief Technical Officer, hurleypalmerflatt, London.
  • “Dan has an usual blend of qualities - a clear incisive mind, good aesthetic judgment and the ability to know when something isn't working and when it's time to stop, make a decision and change direction. People often value 'drive' too highly; knowing when to come off the gas is a depressingly rare trait in my experience. In addition he is both good humoured and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him very highly."John Matchett, Owner, SJM Photographic, Bristol
  • Diane is one of the best commercial managers I have worked with - always on the ball, aligned to customer needs and wants and therefore very effective in finding mutually beneficial solutions. Her wide ranging cross functional experience and insight means that all angles are covered.Michaela Jarvis, Category Marketing Controller, UNIQ plc, Swindon.