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Exit Strategy: You want to go off and enjoy a quieter life!

‘Few men of action have been able to make a graceful exit at the appropriate time.’ Malcolm Muggeridge

How Does Autus Fit In?

There are a number of different ways that you can ‘exit’ from the business, each with pro’s and con’s to consider.

For example, you may be thinking about a trade sale, but what will happen to the people you've worked with over the years? Perhaps they'd be interested in a Management Buy Out, but could they really run the business without you?

A stock market flotation may be the most spectacular exit, but it is far from being quick and easy. Indeed, a flotation is not an end in itself but the beginning of a long process of development! .

We help you to plan the process and structure the business in advance of the ‘sale’. This will mean that you can maximise the return and have a smooth transition for running the business to enjoying the rewards of your years of commitment.

Plan Your Happy Ending

Whether you are looking to restructure the business to release funds, start taking a ‘step back’ or retiring completely we can help you review your options.

We can put in place the necessary support to make sure that you can maximise the value of your business and achieve your ‘happy ending’.

But remember; be realistic about the true value of the business. Too often the sale of a business becomes frustrated with unrealistic expectations of value. The ‘golf club’ valuation is unlikely to be correct and mean that the best option can be missed.

  • We hired Daniel as a consultant to our business, to provide additional senior management expertise. He has provided excellent assistance in the areas of strategy, global account management, administrative processes, and structure. He continues in that role with our Company.Ross Kennedy, CEO, QHi-Group Ltd, Harpenden.
  • Being a SME, we had been burnt in the past with consultants charging high fees for little results.  After meeting Dan through the GrowthAccelerator programme our faith was quickly restored that there are actually professionals out there that can help push your business forward.  Working with Dan has been a breath of fresh air, my business partner and I are now extremely focused and moving our business forward in the direction we want it to go.Felicity Griffiths, Director, , CHB Global Limited
  • “Dan has an usual blend of qualities - a clear incisive mind, good aesthetic judgment and the ability to know when something isn't working and when it's time to stop, make a decision and change direction. People often value 'drive' too highly; knowing when to come off the gas is a depressingly rare trait in my experience. In addition he is both good humoured and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him very highly."John Matchett, Owner, SJM Photographic, Bristol
  • Diane is one of the best commercial managers I have worked with - always on the ball, aligned to customer needs and wants and therefore very effective in finding mutually beneficial solutions. Her wide ranging cross functional experience and insight means that all angles are covered.Michaela Jarvis, Category Marketing Controller, UNIQ plc, Swindon.
  •   “...he is pro-active in his approach and communicates well with suppliers, colleagues and clients. He is always keen to understand the requirement and looks to consider other solutions that may provide better performance or are more economic. He is a pleasure to work and I would recommend him to others.”Robert Thorogood, , Chief Technical Officer, hurleypalmerflatt, London.